Radiology Seminar held in Yogyakarta Date 21 March 2009

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To Radiografer that I respect,
To expand our reported results of Radiology Seminar held in Yogyakarta Date 21 March 2009 yesterday. As we know, that we as health care services to the community when the review of the legal aspect is the relationship between the legal subject and object of law. Servant relationship between health (especially health workers) with the patient is what
known as the commitments, which commitments can be agreement, but can also shape the commitments based on the legislation. In a run of its duty of health workers have rights and obligations as listed in article 53 paragraph 2 of Law number 23/1992 on health that says "energy
do its work in health care obligation to meet the standards of the profession and respect the right patient. "in the other patients receive the service will get the protection as stipulated in Government Regulation no 23/1996 on RI health, especially in Article 23 which read:" patient is entitled to compensation if in the health services provided by health personnel as referred to in Article 22, cause terganggunya health, disability, or death that occurred because of an error or omission. "The two conditions mentioned above are often used to demand of health workers in providing services when less well for patients , so that when we see or hear news of late many "malpraktek" bring suit. Radiology Seminar with the theme this time

in the face of competition "is the stock in order to provide to participants on the importance of service standards and professional standards in providing health services and the provision of knowledge about legal protection for health, especially in the running duties radiografer hours a day.
Partners Radiografer that we love, we report the activities associated with this seminar Radiology followed more than 250 participants (254 participants precisely) that comes from the radiografer
yogyakarta around and also many from outside the province of Yogyakarta, such as Central Java, West Java, East Java, DKI Jakarta and representatives from radiografer all indonesia aceh until Irian. We never thought that the enthusiasm of the participants to far exceed our target, so that the shortfalls in our service to the participants the possibility to create ketidaknyaman, we're pardoned.

Finally ............., we all want to thank the committee is as big as to all parties who have participated in supporting this seminar Radiology, also to the sponsors: PT. Bayer Pharma Shcering as Main Sponsor Us, CV. Bengawan Indah, Omnipaque, CV. Tri Cipta Jaya, CV Hanif Sejahtera, CV. Husada Mulya, Iopamiro, Ultravist, PT. Tawada indonesia, PT. Modern international ,Pramita Lab, and we say thank up cooperation.

Do not forget to thank us go to the Blog-Blog Radiografer who participated in information seminars Radiology Yogyakarta to all this Radiografer throughout Indonesia.
We wish to thank
1.NOVA RAHMAN in the blog as a place Nongkrong Radiografer Se Indonesia
3.WAHYU Hidayat in the blog http://posradiografer.blogspot.comdalam/ POS RADIOGRAFER.COM,
4.ALUMNI ATRO VE TH 2003 in the blog
Kep Riau 5.PARI Pengda blog
6.Dan friends who have blogs that participate disseminate this information, that we can not mention one by one.
Thank you .................. Thank you .............
and conduct seminars in this course, the committee does not escape from the lack of mistakes and for that we're to forgive us.
When you have time and opportunity will be reported separately Seminar Materials in the other pages in this blog ......
Experience is the teacher's most valuable in this life, that is after the implementation of this seminar, we began to re-arrange everything for the implementation of the seminar again in six months (about wordiness out) so that later in the implementation, we can provide comfort that is better than this seminar. We are planning a seminar tour that we pack in the form of seminars as a quality stock Radiografer in the future. May have inputs that we can patch for the future, may be content material, travel, how many days the implementation, etc.

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